Post Orthodontic Retainers Essay

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Problems and myths for a well sustained post-orthodontic treatment was overcome by the long-term implementation of a orthodontic retainer. Having results show the effectiveness of maintaining the stability of the repaired and modified dentition.1 However, effective results came with a price of possible failures, increased plaque and calculus accumulation, thus leading to a greater risk of negative gingival outcomes.1 Another consequence seem to appear with fixed retainers, these include, unwanted migration, wire, or bond complications. These unexpected and unwanted occurrences pose both appearance and oral health problems, enough to suggest retreatment of orthodontics and repairing periodontal health.1 Noting the importance and desire of retention with post-orthodontic treatment, orthodontic retainers, may it be removable or fixed, are utilized to maintain a set dentition, but at the cost of gingival or oral health degradation. The main point will be focused more on the mandibular arch of the dentition than the maxillary arch. …show more content…
In comparison, the two retainers have a similar purpose, they are use in the prevention of orthodontic relapses or secondary crowding of mandibular incisors.2 The main differences of both of the retainers is based off of whether they are bonded to teeth or can detach from them. Fixed retainers come with an advantage of being compliance free for the patient when compared to their counterpart.2 There are some problems that arises with fixed retainers, such as having to be a time consuming procedure, technique sensitive, tendency for plaque build-up, and calculus

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