Post Migration Effects On Immigration

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Immigration, a subject that has been relevant in American history since the Mayflower ported in Plymouth. In recent times immigration services have become stricter in our country due to politicians and economic difficulties. When immigrants arrive into the United States, a whole process is done to make sure that they are suitable to stay in our country and live among us fellow Americans. What nobody seems to take interest in are the actual difficulties of immigrating into the United States. Thousands of families get torn apart for the sake of one or two of their relatives to cross the border or sail overseas into our territory. Not to mention what conflicts await a new immigrant like education, finances, and assimilation in a foreign country. …show more content…
These post migration effects could range anywhere from not wanting to integrate into society to financial issues. The majority of the adversities that immigrants face could easily be overcome with the help of their family, but typically in these types of situations it’s usually too late. If the immigrant’s family is overseas or across borders it is difficult to try and communicate, especially if the immigrant gets involved in a post-migration issue. The assistance of family members is often important for ensuring economic stability of new immigrants, especially for those who have limited financial resources. When the family members of the immigrant are unavailable, they will struggle to support themselves with no aid therefore falling into post-migratory distress (Johnson). An immigration example that resembles this issue is the story of Luis Enrique Motiño Pineda and his family. Sonia Nazario conducted an interview with Enrique to discuss his difficulties of immigrating over to the United States from Mexico alone. Enrique’s journey over to the United States by himself tore his family relations completely apart and eventually landed not only himself but a few of his family members in jail. Enrique’s immigration story is the prime example of how migratory effects play a key role in a new immigrants life; Enrique did not know how to handle himself whatsoever when he came over to the United States. His optimal goal was to come over to America to start a life for his girlfriend and unborn child back in Mexico, and to hopefully find his mother who ventured to America several years before him. Both situations failed due to lack of communication with his mother, and his girlfriend eventually wanted nothing to do with him because he stayed in America for too long. Enrique struggled without the support of his family back in

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