Essay about Positive Outcomes Of The Civil War

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Between 1861 and 1877, the United States experienced Reconstruction after one of the most brutal Civil War to date. The North and South division over slavery provoked the South to seceding and becoming the Confederate States of America. There was many positive and negative aspects to the Civil War. Some positive outcomes from the Civil War was the newfound freedom of slaves and the improvement in women’s reform. Some negative outcomes from the Civil War was the South’s loss of land and crop from the devastated land left behind and the South’s hold on to racism.
After the Civil War ended and the devastation, the country experienced. Many Americans lost their lives during the Civil War; however, there was some positive outcomes. The North did seem to have more of the positive from the war than the South. During this time, a need to supply men to the Union army the Thirteenth Amendment passed securing freedom for slaves. Men being absent fighting the war left numerous job vacancies that needed filled. Women in the north found more possibilities during the war and those possibilities continued after the war. It opened a broader view of what the women’s role was in society and the Civil War “highlighted and accelerated” (textbook, 435) the process. The Civil War helped end slavery and pave the way for women’s reform.
The negative of the Civil war was the physical destruction to the land in the South. The expanse of war in the South was much larger than in the North. Leaving…

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