Impact Of Technology

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The Impact of Technology Is the internet a big distraction or a tool we need in order to succeed? In today’s society the internet play’s a big role in our lives, something that people can’t seem to live without. The internet is not only negatively changing us but also the way we process information and socialize with people. Such negative impact is not only seen in teens but also in adults, changing our ways just to try to keep up with technology making us lazy and less critical thinkers. The internet has become a popular topic around the world; its development has made many things possible for many people and also businesses. Such development has expanded such industries like Amazon, Google and YouTube to grow on a major scale. In today’s …show more content…
A person can be in the middle of a conversation with another human being and become immediately distracted by the text tone going off on their phone or by any other type of notifications that are happening at that moment due to the push technology that is found in our phones. This type of distraction is not good because the conversation that was happening between the two individuals becomes meaningless due to one of then not paying attention to what the other had to say. Such distraction makes us lose the little interaction we have as human beings making us more antisocial with one another. Sherry Turkle, a speaker at TEDtalk Connected But Alone, states, “I 've found is that our little devices, those little devices in our pockets, are so psychologically powerful that they don 't only change what we do, they change who we are”(4). Turkle clarifies a very valid point, as human beings we are letting technology take over or lives we put more time in replying to a text than saying hello to someone next to us. For Example a person can be in a room full of people but not talk to anyone due to him or her staying connected with their social media accounts such as Twitter or Instagram. This is what is creating day by day people to be more antisocial with one another because they lose the face-to-face skills to communicate with the person next to them or around them. Furthermore the internet is chipping away …show more content…
With time technology no only changes but it evolves, we as people think that we are evolving with technology but we are not machines in order to do so. We like to think we are evolving but in reality we are just adapting to things being handed to us and each time we expect a new app to do the work for us making us less critical thinkers. Today’s society is so reliable on their phones and tech that they don’t realize that they are changing the way the information flows to them. We no longer have to think or read an article in order to find out what it is about, news and other sorts of information can now be listening to in a podcast or tv show. Technology is making us lazy and each time think less, with such increase in apps and electronics we can now shop online without having to leave the house. Lissa Wyman, staff writer, states, “The Internet is certainly a new tool to throw into that magnificent ancient stew of market history, but it can 't replace the human give-and-take” (par 10). Wyman makes a very valid point, as an individual one can decide to buy something online such as clothes or an item of their liking. But when that item gets mail to them it might result in the item not fitting correctly or not what they were expecting. Sure it’s great to have all this technology at our disposal but no matter how much tech evolves it will never replace the judgment a person has while

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