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After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, a new period was quickly acquired. Better known as the Middle Ages, this time period prospered with the growth of education, and faith in the catholic church, but also had lead to death and distruction caused by the barbarians and vikings. In conclusion, the best three labels that describe the Middle Ages would have to be the Age of Faith, the Golden Ages, and the Dark Ages.

As the Black plauge infected and killed thousands of men, women, and children, people quickly turned to the church for help. But there was nothing the church could do, other than pray and hope things would start to get better. The citizens were very unsatisfied, and decided to turn on Christians, wanting nothing to do with them
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From the year 400 to the year 1500, death and destruction was a very common thing. Death resulting from the black death, and the crusades, destruction resulted by again the crusades, but also the north men and barbarians. In the ninth and tenth centuries, we were attacked by the barbarians and the saracens. They bombarded us and destroyed many of our villages, fields, and churches. "They burned down the churches and then departed with a crowd of captives.." (Historian Grantz Funck-Bretano, Doc. 1) Not only did this destroy peoples belongings and families, but it stopped trade as well. Terror was spread everywhere through out Europe.
Next came the North men. According to document 3, the North men slaughtered many people in London. Not only that, but they burnt down the town of Quentavic, and also when retreating back to their home land, took stolen goods and men. The vikings were very harsh people. They didn 't care what they had to do, or who they had to kill, as long as they had gotten what they need or were looking for, such as supplies or food, they were satisfied.

In the end, all three of these labels( The Dark Ages, the Age of Faith, and the Golden Age) would clearly describe the Middle Ages. As hectic as the Middle Ages were, being alive during that time period would 've been truly

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