What Is The Difference Between Medieval Europe And The Black Death

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Europe and The Black Death As the winter of 1348 subsided, the people of Europe finally envisioned the spring days ahead of them. Little did they know that the springtime would bring with it a deadly epidemic that no one could have possibly foreseen. The Black Death could not have arrived in Europe at a worse time as much of the population was already weakened from a scarcity of food due to overpopulation and famine. There was barely any time to react as the disease spread swiftly from its point of origin in Asia to Italy, killing massive amounts of people in cites that were overcrowded and ridden with poor sanitation systems. Despite the immense loss that Europeans endured during the Black Death, the political, economic, and religious realms of their society were altered in such a way that ameliorated the lifestyles of the lower classes and guided Europe out of the Medieval Ages. Political matters during the mid-fourteenth century were affected by the Black Death’s arrival in Europe. European Kings and their nobility made it a mission to conquer as much land as they physically could in order to expand their territory and assert themselves as the most powerful ruler in Europe. Although the Kings reigned over their people as the supreme ruler, they …show more content…
Entire families perished and in some cases whole villages were wiped out as the Black Death slithered its way through Europe. The massive death toll was not the only effect of the epidemic. The lifestyle in which the Europeans were used to was completely broken down and the citizens were forced to pick up the shattered pieces to rebuild their lives. The reconstruction of European life brought with it changes that in some ways positively affected people. The political, economic, and religious realms of Europe that once were transformed and operated as a door that would eventually guide Europe out of the Medieval

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