Positive Economic Impacts Of The Refugees Essay

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Positive Economic Impacts

Refugees of any country can often bring positive economic impacts to the countries that give them asylum. Existing literature on this topic discusses multiple ways in which these positive impacts can occur; five of which are discussed below.

To start with, provisions created and carried out explicitly for refugees can often lead to broader utilization by the host countries population. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Uganda saw an influx of refugees from Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in its education sector. In specific, schools that were built for the refugee children served local students — who otherwise might not have gone to school at all — as well. The presence of the refugees ensured enrollment stability, thereby keeping the schools open and operating for all for both native and refugee children; this in turn encourages continued investment and can improve the educational infrastructure of the country and boost long-term economic productivity. Along with improving educational systems, governments and international aid organizations often invest in other infrastructure developments that can be maintained and continued to use for the population at large when the refugee crisis ends. The temporary structures once used to support refugees can exist past the refugee crisis and improve the host country’s infrastructure and developments. Because of this, the short-term economic shocks the refugees gives…

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