Positive Consequences Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution of the mid 1700’s to the mid 1800’s had a huge effect on the society at that time. In the Industrial Revolution, high tech machines replaced the work that people used to do by hand. Everything was increasing in technology and the times were improving. While some might argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society, and while the sentences above support this, I would completely disagree. The primary positive ramification industrialization had is that the output of goods and economy increased, but it is still not a positive thing. Industrialization’s negative effects include an unhealthy environment, child labor, and separated family life. The unhealthy environment that society had …show more content…
Looking at the graphic, it can be concurred that (Working conditions were harsh. The work never seemed to end, so everyone just kept on working.) (Document 4) Each and every factory just wanted to make as many goods as they could, all the time. They didn’t care how tired their workers got, or how much they worked. They only wanted one thing, and that was for their product to be made quickly. “C: It is very common to have weak ankles and crooked knees? B: Yes, very common indeed.” (Document 7) Through this dialogue of a girl who used to work in the factory, it was very easy to infer that the working conditions and what the workers were put through were terrible. The girl mentioned how she had weak ankles and crooked knees. The harsh jobs were crippling and damaging people for the rest of their lives, putting them in pain and immobilizing them for other work. It was a complete disaster. (The parent wanted to be with the boy, but couldn’t because of work.) (Document 2) This was the parent’s own son that they weren’t able to see, all because of a job that they needed to support the family. All she wanted to do was see her son, but couldn’t because the business owners didn’t care. They were making money, so they were happy. The only thing is that this is money that made the United States rich. Possibly, without the harsh working hours and the lower wages, America wouldn’t have had near as much capital as they did now. Everything they did was to make money, and it was honestly the biggest part in making the country almost economically perfect. Although it helped the economy, we know this would have been unfair to us if we were alive at the time. No workers had any time to do anything like take vacations, leave from injuries, or leave for their

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