Positive Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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Beginning in the middle of the eighteenth century, the Great Britain initiated the Industrial Revolution. This revolution greatly increased the production of goods and made working in factory more efficient, and it turned Britain from an agriculture society to an industrial society. The Industrial Revolution also had a wide range of both positive and negative effects in which it affected the social and economic life of people live in England. These outcomes have been taken in and evaluated by numerous perspectives such as factory owners, the governors, factory workers, and others who viewed the condition of the industrial cities at that time. The positive effects of Industrial Revolution mainly contribute to the growth of the economy and …show more content…
In document 2, Hebergam described an accident happened because the shaft was not covered, “His hand was bruised, his eyes were nearly torned out and his arms were broken. His sister, who run to pull him off, had both her arm broken and her head bruised. The boy died. I do not know if the girl is died, but she was not expected to live”(doc 2), demonstrates the unsafe working condition caused workers’ death, and the boy named Hebergam also lived under the shadow of this accident in the rest of his life. Hebergam also states about his damaged lung in document 2: “he told me that it was damaged because of overwork and insufficient diet”(doc 2), which demonstrate overwork in cause factory workers physically damaged. As a result of children worked in the factory, most of them lack education. In document 1, an young adult named cooper tells the story that he never got a good education since he was a child worked in a factory at the age of ten, “We have no time to go to day school”(doc 1) and “I can read, but I can not write”(doc 1). Cooper’s story represents many of the children who worked in the factory at a very young age; they never educated, even they can not write when they grew up. Another negative effect of the industrial revolution is the heavy industry caused pollution. Document 7 discribes the view of the slum in Manchester, “ Since they have neither gutter or drains, the refuse accumulates in stagnant… The main river is rarrow, coal-black and stinking filth and rubbish which it deposit on its bank...One walks along a very rough path on the river bank to reach a chaotic group of tittle”(doc 7), which the word “coal-black” discribed the river shows the pollution is

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