Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization On Culture Essay example

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“2]. Define ‘culture,’ list its major elements, and discuss the importance of understanding the culture of any society. Does anyone group control the production of culture in USA society? Does this apply to both high culture and popular culture? Why, or why not? Describe positive and negative impacts of globalization on culture.” Sociologist define culture as a way of life, the people’s beliefs, norms and customs that is accepted by a particular society. Everyone culture differs from the other. However, people do develop cultural competency and effective communications. One can develop cultural competency by respecting and tolerating other cultural diversity. Effective communications involve both verbal and nonverbal communication and the effective of it promotes success in school, society and personal relationship. Culture do exist everywhere a human exit, the elements of culture create a unique way of living with different people. The elements of culture are: Social organization, Customs and Traditions, Religion, Language, Arts and Literature, Forms of government and economic system. The purpose of understanding any society culture is very important because it helps builds one cultural knowledge, evaluate personal perception and awareness of cultural interactions. It also allows door adjustment to different cultures, promote self-confidence, social interaction and exchange of knowledge. It can open the door for great opportunity for instance using favoritism at work.…

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