How Did The Black Plague Affect Society

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Elaine Marcello
Human and Animal Interrelationships
30 October 2014
The Black Plague: Rough draft
The Black Plague, commonly known as the Black Death was a disease that caused extensive damage to Europe during the years of 1346 through 1353. The disease is believed to derive from a bacterium frequently found in populations of fleas that are carried around by a variety of different rodents. The death toll of this unfortunate disease would build all the way up to 20 million people, which turned out to be one third of Europe’s population. The black plague had many effects on different aspects of society such as public health, religion, discrimination, medicine, and economic and social order. These different aspects had both positive and negative
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The negative effects are pretty evident. Trade ceased in hope of stopping the further spread of the disease. Due to the cease in trade, inflation went up enormously along with the prices of food. In this aspect of society however, the positive effects seem to be much more apparent than the negative ones. The Hundred Years War between England and France stopped due to the lack of military of each country. In response to the lack of soldiers, better firearms were created. An increase in technology to reduce amounts of labor helped diversify the newer economy. There was also a large change in the feudal system along with the farming economy. Farming was originally successful by the lords forcing the servants to work on their farms. With the Black Plague there, the small amount of peasants that survived were not enough to cover the work that needed to be done on the farms. The lords had to pay for laborers to come do the work. Also, Stewards were created to manage the fields and collect runt from tenant farmers. The lack of peasants also forced the farmers to improve farming techniques to become more efficient doing less work and producing the same amount. Eventually, the middle class grew immensely by the 16th century and the lord and servant relationship ceased to

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