Essay about Portrayal Of The Black Panther Party

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On November 16th four esteemed doctors of Shippensburg University held a panel titled “Being Black in America”. This panel was held by Dr. Raymond Janifer a professor of English, Dr. Stephanie Jirard a professor of Criminal Justice, Dr. Cheryl A. Slattery a professor of Teacher Education, and Dr. Jamonn Campbell a professor of Psychology. The panel’s presentation was on what it meant to be an African American in today’s America and discussed the problems and obstacles that African Americans often encounter. Each of the four doctors spearheaded their own section of the presentation which included their own unique titles. Dr. Jirard’s section of the presentation was entitled “Youth Activism 1955-2015”. This section provided a lot of detail of what African American’s did to try to combat the problems they faced while living in certain time periods. Dr. Jirard discussed how in the 1960’s African Americans began to come together and form organizations such as the Black Panther Party as we also discussed in African American Communications. The Black Panther Party was started in 1966 in Oakland California, the idea of this organization was to advocate the use of violence and guerilla like tactics to overthrow the United States government because of the unfair treatments African Americans faced. Although many of the tactics used by the Black Panther Party were legal Dr. Jirard stated that in order to stop this youth activism movement the United States government began to lock men…

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