Essay about Pornography Is A Form Of Free Speech

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“Every second 28,258 users are watching pornography on the internet” (
You may notice that this is a very high number of people. At an all-time high, the statistics show that pornography may be a threat to young adults and children. This is because watching pornography incidentally may lead them to have relationship and commitment issues and/or an unrealistic view on sexual activity. So the question arises, Is pornography a form of free speech deserving constitutional protection? This answer may not be clear, but through research, the search for answers continues. Although many may argue that pornography is a form of free speech protected under the constitution, it is now thought that pornography should not be a form of free speech protected under the constitution because it damages public interests and causes multiple countries to make efforts at cutting down on or ridding their people of pornography’s harsh impacts. Explicit content such as pornography should not be protected under the first amendment because multiple countries are taking efforts at slowing down the usage of obscenity. In order to understand this concept, obscenity must first be understood. “ In ROTH v. UNITED STATES (U.S. 1957), the United States Supreme Court determined that, as a matter of history and function, obscenity is ‘utterly without redeeming social importance.’ Obscenity is not within the area of constitutionally protected speech or press” (Obscenityandthe 1). Pornography…

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