Popularity Of The Internet Essay

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The Internet

The internet is the first thing to come to mind when thinking about an important invention created in the last two centuries. The internet has changed many aspects of our lives, including how we learn, interact, and shop. It 's almost impossible to imagine what the world would be like if the internet hadn 't been created, because for many of us it 's a part of our every day lives.

There 's an interesting history behind how the internet was created and became what we use today. During the Cold War, Americans feared that the Soviet Union could attack and ruin their telephone system, which they relied on for long distance communication, so scientists came up with the idea to create a network for computers to communicate with one
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It 's easy to create websites and profiles to share information with many others on the internet. By the simple click of a few keys, we can learn about almost any topic online. Instead of spending time looking through different books and newspapers, we can find out more about history and current events through a search engine. People can share ideas and collaborate with one another from across the world, because of the internet, which is exactly what it was intended …show more content…
We 're becoming more reliant on the internet for information, storage, and shopping. We can find information about almost any topic we can think of in a few minutes of searching on the internet. Information is readily available and sometimes exclusively on the internet. At ScientificAmerican.com, the author indicates, "We off-load memories to “the cloud” just as readily as we would to a family member, friend or lover. The Internet, in another sense, is also unlike a human transactive memory partner; it knows more and can produce this information more quickly" (Wegner). We even give our personal information to the internet, because we trust that it will be there when we need it again. It 's also possible for us to save documents and photos online, so we no longer have to have physical copies of those files. Online shopping offers a convenient way to find what we want and have it delivered right to us. We no longer have to go through many stores and dig through clothes, because we can simply scroll through a web page and see what 's available to us. Those are just a few examples of increasing popularity and reliance we have on the

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