Popular Culture And Its Impact On Society 's Values Essay

1497 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
This generation faces a world uncertain and terrifying. It never knew a world without the internet. At all times a screen dominated entertainment. This generation will be the one to solve the problems of its ancestors, if only out of necessity. The key to the thoughts of this generation hide inside the simplest things, entertainment. Popular culture refers to mediums of entertainment that are widely accepted and accessed while society’s values refers to the collective ideas and thought processes in one society at one time. Popular culture projects a perfect reflection of society 's values, forging this reflection through a two-fold method. It alters the social values of the society it interacts with and society 's values shape the popular culture allowed in the society. Over time, popular culture morphs current societal values to correspond to the product. Through altering future social values, popular culture is able to perfectly reflect these future values. Sheer exposure to popular culture grants popular culture the power it holds over a society 's values. Trubey agnologized that the average 65 year old viewed over one million commercials, and even under the most perfect conditions one can not expect to remain unaffected by the sheer power of repeated exposure (778). The same thought process applies to popular culture because it experiences an even greater amount of consistent exposure. In fact, the definition of pop culture requires it be widely accepted and…

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