Essay on Pope Urban II 's Speech At Clermont

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The First Crusade began in 1096 after Pope Urban II’s speech at the Council of Clermont in 1095. One version of Urban’s Speech at Clermont was recorded by Fulcher de Chartes, a priest who also participated in the Crusades. While this version of Pope Urban II’s speech is one of the more reliable sources of the said speech, there is still a great chance for bias especially as Fulcher de Chartes was a crusader himself. This one speech, whether or not it was an accurate recording of what Pope Urban II actually said, was one driving force behind the First Crusade. This First Crusade was, at least officially, an effort to help the Byzantine Empire to reclaim the Holy City of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks. In addition, this speech led to other crusaders going off on their own agendas as well as many other unintended consequences.
There were many ulterior motives behind the First Crusade besides the religious reasons for which they were claimed to be called for. This primary source of Pope Urban II’s speech and other sources help to display how the Crusades were started on a variety of false pretenses. The Crusades are often referred to as a “Holy War,” however due to the many non-religious motivations behind them and vast non-religious consequences from them they are not purely a religious war. In Pope Urban’s speech at Clermont, religious reasons are given as the main purpose for the Crusades. After recounting the situation in the Byzantine Empire to those at the Council of…

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