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Some people think they know the exact definition and history of pop music, when really there's not one. Many believe that pop music has all been the same, when it has changed multiple times and still is changing. The history of Pop music is important because it tells you how the world’s culture has changed.
Unlike country or rock, pop music isn’t a specific category. The term for pop music has been changing all of the time. At first it was known as popular music (“Pop Music History Facts and Timeline” 1). The term of ‘pop’ wasn’t used until sometime in the 1920’s, and was also originally made in Britain. Pop music doesn’t have a specific genre. It also has a lot of background from metal to boy bands (“Pop Music” 1).Youth has a lot more interest
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In the 1960’s, western pop music was becoming more and more popular. This type of music included people such as The beatles, The small faces, and even Aretha Franklin (“Pop Music” 3). Most of these bands or artists, are the people that started fanbases.When televisions were finally invented, pop stars, usually ones with larger fanbases, made visual appearances (“Pop Music History Facts and Timeline” 1). Boy bands and girl groups started becoming popular, in the early 1990’s. Many groups, such as “...The backstreet boys, also referred to as ‘the best selling boy band of all time’” (“Pop Music” 4), have made a big difference in America. Children and teens, as most researchers have noticed, have become the largest market in the world. They have more appeal to the bands, that form all the time. Now, there are bands such as 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction, that have made their way to the top of the music charts.
America’s culture has changed in many ways, and most of it is because of pop music's history. The history of this type of music isn’t the same as most people think. Pop is still changing as we speak and always will keep

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