Essay on Pop Culture 's Mythology Theory

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Pop culture 's mythology theory, discovered by a Frenchman named Roland Barthes, appears in many forms of media today. An example of this would be The Legend of Zelda, in which Link must rescue the land of Hyrule similar to how many Greek heroes had to save the world. People use mythology theory every day and don 't even realize it. From naming their dog Zeus after the Greek god of lightning to watching the anime Hetalia to understand history and cultures better. One movie that uses this theory is the 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou? directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. This movie is based off Homer 's epic "The Odyssey." There are many similarities between the two, such as characterization, plot, and situations. At the same time there are many differences, like time period and reasons behind the quest. O Brother, Where Art Thou? uses mythology theory to explain “The Odyssey” for modern audiences.
"The Odyssey" is an epic poem that was written by Homer between 750 and 650 B.C. It is the story of Odysseus 's journey home to Ithaca from Troy after the Trojan War and is the sequel to "The Iliad." Odysseus faces many trials on his journey, ranging from man-eating monsters to tricky sirens. It takes him many years to get home and when he does finally reach his home, he finds it overrun by suitors for his wife, Penelope. Odysseus eventually kills the suitors and is reunited with Penelope. They then presumably spend the rest of their lives together (Homer).
O Brother, Where Art…

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