Essay about Pop Artists And Its Influence On American Culture

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During the 1960s, America faced a new cultural revolution, the pop art movement, which sought to erase artistic elitism and recreate the definition of art, or what it was considered to be. The movement capitalized off of the media boom after World War II, using advertising and common media as inspiration. At the forefront of this movement, pop artists created pieces accentuated with bold colors and commercial methods, withdrawing from the abstract style popular at the end of the war. In opposition of that style, pop artists tried to incorporate realism through the use of everyday objects. With the exploration of American culture and societal expectations through their work, pop artists encouraged the public to encounter an upheaval of tradition that lead to the eradication of the elitism of art and amplification of a global cultural exchange.


After the desperation of both world wars and the great depression, American society began rebuilding. Pop artists experienced the expansion of this consumerist society, that hadn’t been seen since the roaring twenties. Product after product, industries responded to consumer demand. Thus, manufacturers had to be more creative and innovative in the way they approached advertising. Ad executives and designers turned to psychology for new strategies; they not only categorized people, but strove to equate their products with a desire for success and “belongingness”.

The Independent Group, formed in 1952 at London’s…

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