Biomedical Cause Of Malaria

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With poorness and poverty comes a lack of access to medical procedures and healthcare. Also with poverty comes overall poor health due to the poor living conditions families live in, often in other countries. The best way to stop many common diseases is economic and societal growth and by helping the less fortunate. Malaria is most common in poor tropical areas in the world, with the most common being various regions in Africa (“Impact of Malaria”, 2016). The biomedical cause of malaria is mosquitos, and the organisms that causes it is Plasmodium. The weather in these areas causes the perfect breeding grounds for transmission throughout the year, and also influenced the socioeconomic background of the communities. In addition, this also affects …show more content…
Folk beliefs on treatment combines modern and traditional remedies. Severe malaria causes yellow coloring of the eyes and hands and also convulsions, which are believed to be helped only by a traditional healer. People of Côte d 'Ivoire also believed malaria was caused by the sun, God, sorcerers, ancestors, and even a sweet or fatty diet. Furthermore, the preferred treatment was traditional folk methods and then modern treatments were about half as likely to be used. Biomedical treatments of modern medicine are “analgesics and antipyretics like aspirin and paracetamol along with antimalarials such as chloroquine and amodiaquine” (Esse et al, 2016). Traditional treatments include herbal teas of leaves and bark and other plant based treatments. Also traditional healers believed that the avoidance of certain foods, especially red items, would lessen the …show more content…
The World Health Organization also has policies in place for the treatment, prevention and control of malaria. Since this epidemic is most commonly found in poor economic and social areas, education is definitely the most important step in prevention and treatment. Many people from third world countries do not have access to any education and don’t know anything other than what knowledge has been passed around in their community; which probably isn’t the accurate medical reason for whatever the disease is. Therefore, education on the real cause and proper treatment are important. However knowing the cause and treatment is no help if you don’t actually have access to methods of prevention and/or treatment. Due to the poor economy of whatever country is affected, the government may be reluctant or unable to provide all the resources they should to their citizens in order to promote the best public health. In order to best control the outbreaks and spread of malaria, there need to be policies on health on mandatory healthcare available, and proper treatment practices and education available to all citizens. Malaria is a very serious epidemic and all possible steps should be taken my individuals in the government in effort to control and prevent

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