Pommpeii Case Study

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The website that I chose was from a history.com because it is a reliable source and because they also have a television channel that has accurate facts that people took time into researching facts about history. You can tell that it is a reliable and accurate source for information about Pompeii because the publisher of the website is A&E Television Networks and that network actually takes time to look at facts about history and make sure they tell accurate information to their researchers because they have such a huge following. The website is where people can get more information about things they had researched and they should be able to tell millions of people the accurate information about stuff in order for them to have a good reputation. …show more content…
What specifically killed the majority of the citizens of Pompeii? (molten lava, fire, ash, what??)
What killed the majority of citizens of Pompeii was a few things. To begin with, most of the people of Pompeii fled because of the possibility of an eruption but the people who did not leave died. First while it erupted ash fell down on the town and covered everything, then other rocks fell down. Superheated gas (around 1300 degrees) and pulverized rocks came down the mountain and destroyed everything in its path, kill all the people who decided to stay in Pompeii.

4. What other areas or cities were affected/destroyed along with Pompeii?
The other area that were affected/destroyed along with Pompeii were the towns of Stabiae and Herculaneum which were left abandoned after the eruption.

5. When did archaeologists first begin excavations of the site of Pompeii?
In 1748 a group of explorers looking for ancient artifacts, began to dig and found Pompeii under all that the ashes and dust. Not all of Pompeii was discovered and about three-fourths is still buried today, however most of Pompeii is still intact. This destruction helps us find more about people’s everyday life back in
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These items proved to be 14,500 years old and it showed that people lived there more than 1,500 years before previous scientist thought. This discovery can change history for good. Since the researchers were wrong about the period, there could be more about the earlier civilizations than we might think. The age of the sinkhole artifacts also might show that people possibly had migrated from Alaska. They most likely came along the coast, because Canada was blocked by sheets of ice. That being said, by finding these artifacts we may now know more about the first civilizations from southeast America and believe they migrated from Alaska. Scientist also believed that these ancient visitors migrated south for the winter and moved up north for the summer and were very smart with their migration patterns. This could possibly rewrite history and change what we knew about the earliest civilizations, and sense they are continuing to dig for more if they find a few more artifacts then it could tell more about how life was like another 1,500 years further than we initially though and it would change

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