Bubonic Plague In Ancient Rome

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The Black Death was an epidemic of the Bubonic Plague is one of the deadliest events occurred in history started in the 14th century. The disease was caused by the bacteria Yersinia Pettis that spread among the wild black rodents where they inhabit in a huge colony. Rome was one of many major cities that was greatly affected by the Black Death, if not the worse. We’ll be discussing how did the Black Death affect the city of Rome politically, socially and economically. So, it is necessary to discuss the reactions from the people and statistics like deaths every day caused by the disease, the number of victims who survived and how many were affected. Finally, the reactions from the government and church, how did they approach to the Black Death? …show more content…
While others just fled the place that was affected to the country side, some just seclude themselves in the forests living alone from the sick and even their own family. The Black Death turned Rome’s economy upside down. Workers and slaves died by thousands, those who survived demanded their wages to be intensified greatly as the arable land lay fallow. Due to the shortage of workers the wealthy classes cannot do anything but complied to the conditions set by the peasants but after a year the wealthy classes made a law to stop the price in the cost of labour called the Ordinance. The effect of the law results in disagreements and hatred between the Political class and the Social …show more content…
The mortality rate in Rome dramatically increased to 6.4%. The dead cannot be buried fast enough until the next one “turn up” to be buried. Everyone was affected including old, young men, women and all of those in the society like royalties, peasants, monks, nuns and parish clergy. All of Rome population was affected only 25% of those who survived and recovered from the disease.
Rome’s government was not stable when the Black Death struck the city. They don’t know how to handle the situation and was unprepared as they went through the plague. The governments’ actions were few to none during the occurrence of the disease. Since there was no known cure for the sickness, the government had nothing to fund apart some medical research which didn’t help at all. The government attempted to stop the spread by encouraging people to lock themselves up and avoid any victims who were infected, and it works except it also resulted in orphaned children, divorces and abandonment. The government continued to give the people wrong recommendations nut the truth is, the government is as lost as the people themselves.
The Black Death overall was one of the most dreadful events occurred in history. It splits up families, the people and religions. Many deaths as the result of the deadly

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