Polygamy, What Is Write and Wrong Essay

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Polygamy: What is right and what is wrong?

Polygamy is when a man is married to more than one woman at a time. This term is not to be confused with bigamy, where the man is married to separate women, and have separate lives, whereas polygamy the multiple families live under one roof. With shows on TV about polygamy, such as Big Love and Sister Wives, polygamy has been under the radar. There are also cases such as the YFZ Ranch that was owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), a Mormon “ranch” that practices polygamy, where over 400 women and children were taken from the ranch. One of the major comparisons to making polygamy legal is the legalization of gay marriage.
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There have been many women who have left these polygamous cults describe the suppression they had to go through. For this reason, the statements of polygamous women cannot always be true. The blogger makes very good arguments. I understand where he is coming from.
I also read another article by Daphne Bramham, called “Polygamy, impunity and human rights.” She is against polygamy for many reasons. One of the reasons she stated that Polygamists, such as those in the Texas compound raided in April by child services, are taught that boys are to treat girls like a disease. They get in trouble for even flirting with girls their own age, watch videos or listen to rock music. Some are disowned and told to leave the community at ages as young as 12 and 13. Their mothers are told to tear up or burn photos of them, the women are to forget about them. But the boys are useful for something. It is their work ethic that the leaders support their multiple wives and dozens of children. The boys are sent to work at companies that the leaders of the compound control, they either work for free or are paid as little as the workers in 3rd world countries. Women are told that they are only good for making children. Birth control is not allowed and they usually have up to 12 kids. They are taught to be servants to the prophet, their fathers, their

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