Essay about Pols 3343 Case 16

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Case 16
This case was based on George Tenet and the decisions he made within the CIA, successful and unsuccessful. Tenet served under the Clinton and Bush administrations from 1997-2004. During the Clinton administration, his main focus was to rebuild the CIA from its lack of morale and budget issues. Surprisingly (in my opinion because of his lack of experience), he was successful in the beginning process of rebuilding. Unfortunately for him, after Bush was elected the 9/11 attacks happened and his success started to decline. The decisions he made during the Bush administration and his lack of focus led to the demise of the DCI and the weakening of the CIA. I think his popularity during the Clinton administration got to his
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3. I do think that Waldo covers all the bases in his “maps”, but if I had to add something I would add “Obligations of Integrity”. I think that administrators a lot of the time struggle with integrity and overlook important aspects. If we put an integrity clause in there, they would be forced to look at what they truly think/feel before doing what others are expecting them to do or say. 4. Issues that arise within the public office always contain some degree ethical choices because they are working for the people and their decisions affect the people. If they make mistakes, the people suffer and that rests on them, which is why they should be doing things in a morally positive manner. I do think that this is the case with the private sector, as well. 5. I do agree with this. You cannot teach somebody in a class how to be moral, their morals are based on how they were brought up and the experiences they have been through. 6. Case 1 and Case 16 are the same when dealing with the administrator. Whenever there was an issue or something that needed to be handled, the administrators did not want to hear it. Because of this, issues were ignored and in return there was a negative effect. I think that a list of important lessons for practicing public administrators would be: listen to your employee’s complaints and concerns and act accordingly. It is better to spend your time investigating a situation rather than ignore it and have people get

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