Pollock Has Left A Great Impact On The Art World Essay

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Pollock has left a great impact on the art world. His work change the way we look at art and he opened artist minds to new ideas when it came to their own art whether it was to inspire or as a reaction against what Pollock and other Abstract Expressionist were doing. Pollock’s free form and endless space that he created through his work opened artist up to the idea that art did not need any kind of defections to be great art. Also, art could flow through the artist as he or she was creating it. Pollock’s work influenced the artists of his time like De Kooning and his piece Excavation, 1950 with his “allover” style of working. Like Pollock De Kooning tried not to have a focal point in the works at that time. This “allover” style is one of the things that set Pollock apart with his movement paintings. Even with his fellow Abstract Expressionist Pollock had a great impact. The Abstract Expressionist were all about the inner ego and expressing it, Pollock was able to do this like no other with is drip paintings. He went deep within himself and let the paint flow from himself to the canvas. The Neo-Dada artist like Rauschenberg and Johns reacted to Pollock’s work in the way that they pushed against the motivation of looking inward to create their works. With their works they wanted to reflect the world around them. Rauschenberg’s piece White is a perfect example of how he intended for his work to be a reflection of the world. Pollock’s movement paintings were about what was…

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