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American foreign policy

The foreign policy of the United States has been a key determinant of the form of relationship between this country and other nations across the world. The foreign policy also sets platform for interaction for the organizations of this country and its people with the international community. The key objectives of the United States foreign policy have been to establish and also sustain a democratic, secure as well as successful world for the benefit of the international community and to a great extent the American people. It has been a key player in the setting up measures to facilitate commercial interaction with the international
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The US foreign policy, unfortunately, is believed to have resulted in the 1940-1980 Cold War between the US and the USSR. The allies of these two forces found themselves spilt along their influences. The Cold War is believed to have dominated American foreign policy. The end of the Cold War brought with it the reunification of Germany and the collapse of the USSR. Under President Kennedy, the U.S adopted the containment policy to do away with the spread of communism abroad (Cameron, 2006). This was a responsive strategy to curb a series of moves by the Soviet Union to spread communism to other parts of the world. Massive retaliation is the other strategy that the US has incorporated into its foreign policy. This policy allows the US to retaliate using disproportionate force to all external forms of aggression. This policy works on principles similar to the mutually assured destruction (Wiener, 2012). The US has also been forming security alliances with other nations with intent of safeguarding the interest of the American people in the other nations. The members of the League of Nations together with the US and the UK held a world disarmament conference in Geneva with intent of reducing the accumulation of weapons of massive destruction by some nations (Cameron, 2006). The US believed that accumulation of these weapons was a threat not only to its people, but also to the international peace. The Cuban missile crisis is believed

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