Politics And The World Of Politics Essays

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The world of politics has two sides, the side of power, and the side of justice. Generally, politics can be seen as being all about who gets what, when and how. On the other hand, politics can also equally be a matter of justice, or the process of determining who should get what, when, how, and why. Power consists of the methods in which people coordinate themselves and develop their environment in order to live. Justice consists of the rules for using and managing power in order to live accordingly. Politics cannot be understood without referring to both power and justice. Without understanding a nation’s interpretation of justice, or who should have power, one cannot grasp evidently why specific people or groups get particular rewards, at certain times, in certain ways. However, you also focus accordingly on the pursuit of justice without being able to understand the truth about how power is distributed. Both of these components are present in all political situations, directly influencing each other.
There have been many US presidents that have overstepped the constitution in order to achieve what was believed to be in the best interests of the nation. President Abraham Lincoln, for example, used his executive power to free slaves. Presidents are capable of overstepping the constitution pretty effortlessly, including situations in which troops are sent to a location deemed necessary, such as the Vietnam War. This war, including every war since World War II, was not…

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