Politics And Nursing : The Nursing Profession Essay

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Politics and Nursing
The nursing profession operates under many strict government regulations and laws as well as facility-specific policies on an everyday basis. Many laws help to keep the nurses and their patients safe. The nurses’ involvement with politics begins the moment they begin nursing school. The very curriculum that nurses must successfully accomplish is the result of a political process in order to implement a standard for minimum education to enter the workforce. Nurses learn about community health nursing and the importance of advocating for their patients. It may be overlooked that being politically active and involve in policy making is patient advocacy.
Nurses occupy a strategic position to be able to focus on the healthcare needs of diverse, vulnerable and underrepresented groups, inclusive of individuals who need to become knowledgeable and literate about healthcare services, individuals living with chronic and incurable diseases, individuals without access to healthcare, and those who are marginalized, possibly because of social stigmatization and lifestyle choices. (Adegbola, 2013, p. 3) As Adegbola points out nurses have a unique position between policy making and the patients that are affected. Many nurses may not realize that political action may be one of the best ways to advocate for many of their patient populations. Many of the patients for whom we advocate on behalf of are not able to voice their own needs or concerns. Additionally, there are…

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