Political-Administration Dichotomy

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The scenario above simply explains a politics-administration dichotomous relationship that it is there in the modern public service management and it is no way to go. What matters most is the relationship between the levels of operation as their common denominator is to serve the public’s interests through policies and programs. A balancing or neutral point should be found and maintained by both in discharging public duties. During the development of the Wilsonian Theory of Dichotomy, it is as if on the high ways and buildings of the United States of America they were bill boards carrying the message ‘Politicians, stop politicising the administrative affairs!’. Wilson’s Politics-Administration dichotomy was motivated by what he saw back then …show more content…
Carol (1995) as cited in Tahmasebi et al (2013:136) contend distinguishing between policy and management, extending it from the inner workings of government to the body politic, freeing administration from political controls in the form of red tape, redefining accountability, and specifying congressional action as politics and presidential action as management. Carol sought to make issues clearer and these are the same issues raised by the proponents of politics- administration. The Khama Administration manage to centralize the health services leading to a decline in healthcare to the masses and moving away from the fact the world is calling for decentralization of services. Seleke (2015:8) there have been recent calls by health unions in the country calling out government to decentralize primary health care services, saying that the current system disadvantages people in rural areas where resources are scarce and medication is rarely available. These voices are calling for help something went amiss and is serious complication of politico-administration dichotomy because the political side is over

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