Political Science And The Legal Field Essay

2016 Words Mar 6th, 2016 9 Pages
Now in academia, there still is some hindrances between these two fields. Political science still is wanting to concern itself with the behavior and the processes of the creation of the policies; the legal field still continues to only worry that the law is, and are only concerned with the particular facts behind each cases. However, in certain the academic fields, are beginning to cross over in their studies.
Law can contribute to political science many ideas and concepts that are not considered in political science. First, legal studies defines how the courts and how policies are made. This is done though different doctrines that are created in the courts. In legal education, the logic of how to unpack these doctrines are drilled into the minds of the students. Here many students end up memorizing and can recite different factors and test that will decide the outcome. However, these tests and factors are often created and interpreted by the courts, meaning do not consider the politics that created the legislation. Lawyers are in the position to be able to interpret and unpack the courts decisions. The legal field can also give political science a different methodical approach on how policies and laws effect the people. This can be seen in all the different political tests and factors that are created. Lawyers can reason these decisions and further build on them with different facts and hypotheticals. The creation of law is no longer a “black box” where an input creates…

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