Essay on Political Politics And Political Culture

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Texas is one of the seven states in the United States that do not tax income. Many will see this as an advantage on keeping more money in their pockets, but just like everything, it has its disadvantages. The political system of a given state is what creates their political culture. According to professor Kim, the concept of political culture refers to a shared system of values, beliefs, and habits of behavior with regard to government and politics. Political culture shapes society different in many forms. Unlike the conservatives, liberals’ have a “progressive tax’ system in which rich pay more and not the other way where poor pay more. Liberal shapes the society to be equal and not with an advantage to those who are rich. The government gets involve more, not like in the conservative ideology. Moralistic political culture means that citizens understand their states’ political culture and beliefs; meaning that their participation in politics is high. Individualistic political culture is mainly personal welfare. In this political culture citizens look for policies that will benefit them, and if it will not benefit them or make them better they don’t have political activity. In the traditionalistic political culture there is deference to elite group, and government decisions/activity is viewed with suspicion. Texas political culture consists of a mixture of the individualistic and traditionalistic political culture. Meaning that Texas citizens fight to better themselves, and…

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