Essay on Political Ideology And Social Patterns

1815 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
Political ideology and social patterns After completing the typology quiz - and granted some of the questions were tough to answer since I felt like my ideologies fit in the middle of those two extremes - I wasn’t surprised to find myself placed along side with 15% of the public as a solid liberal. Which I believe is pretty accurate in terms of self-identification if you ask me. Reason being is that when I investigated further into their social background characteristics I couldn’t help but agree with the majority of the stances they took. For instance, according to - the website in which I took said quiz - solid liberals are generally affluent, highly educated (heh..and they called me stupid?), very optimistic about the nation’s future. They are also more likely to say that America’s success is linked to its ability to change, rather than its reliance on long-standing principles. Furthermore, liberals take very liberal positions on virtually all issues (surprising right?). Except their foreign policy. Although a plurality of issues can be solved with diplomacy; I can’t say everything can. That’s why it’s good to also have military strength. Much like what president Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”. Once you break down these major social background with respect to either gender, age, race/ethnicity, education, income, and party; you’ll start to see some interesting similarities and differences…

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