Aristotle 's Theoretical Speculation On Human Nature

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The political language of "left" or "right" is something that is distant to me as I consider myself not that well-versed in the political realm. However, because of my nature I often agree or disagree with some policies based on my personal thoughts. One of the greatest philosopher, Aristotle, famously points out that human beings are "political animals", meaning we are social creature with reasoning. In a sense by our nature, we as individual participate in a manner in which a society is form. Every person has their on set of standard and beliefs. With the ability to voice their own opinions and interact with each other, this become an important part of human nature. Aristotle 's theoretical speculation holds true as different political views spout out from one nation, depicting his image of participation as political animals. Out of curiosity, I often asked myself these following questions: what type of "animal" am I and where do I lie on the political spectrum? To answer this question, I would need to deeply analyze myself and my views with the help from the Political Spectrum Quiz. This navigation becomes an important factor of self-aspect as it enables me to discover myself and where I stand in the political realm. I don 't particularly identify myself as a pure Moderate, Liberal, or Conservative because I feel none of these account for the complexity of different situations. I see situation differently as I might agree with one Conservative perspective and

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