Political Causes Of The Cold War

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After the end of World War II, the world had assumed that World Peace was upon them. Likely unforeseen by most, the two strongest countries in the world, which included The United States and Soviet Russia, were at a disagreement. The United States believed in Capitalism while Russia believed in Communism, which is the complete opposite of what Capitalism stood for. Each side hated the other 's ideology, so obviously enough tension began to rise from these two counties. The causes of this war are likely due to animosity of each sides ideology and the fact that the U.S dominated the european economy after World War II. As a result, the war contributed to domestic and foreign changes in America such as the formation of The North Atlantic Treaty …show more content…
With the U.S confident that the Atomic Bomb would take several years for the Russians to make, they would soon find out that it would only take a matter of two years. Because the Russians also owned a devastating weapon of mass destruction, The United States had to do something and their plan was to create NATO, which is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO was a mechanism that would trigger if The Soviets tried to attack anyone in the organization. This foreign policy would act as a comfort barrier not only for the U.S but for the Western European countries as well. Alongside this came problems at home in America. Joseph R. McCarthy, a U.S Senator, had claimed that communism was within the United States government and had included a number of around two-hundred and five individuals. None of his claims were supported with proof yet millions of people were frightened that communism was in America. This anticommunism environment had created suspicion among many citizens and some were quick to jump to conclusions, in what would be known as McCarthyism. There is no such thing as being a communist supporter in America because that is who people feared the most. Not only that, but the media also had a lot to do with anti-communism propaganda. Movies, which were a big part of culture in the fifties and sixties were playing pure propaganda films that were originally created by the U.S. Government in hopes of relaying the message of what life would be like under communist control. In addition to the communism scare in America, there was an even bigger fear that could be seen as a global epidemic. With both superpowers armed with nuclear weapons, it was only a matter of time until on side launched their nukes on the other. This would be the first war where both sides have the capability to destroy the world. Children in school were

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