Policy Analysis Paper : Aid And Assistance Services

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Policy Analysis Paper There are times when those who are not as fortunate need a helping hand. This help can come from many sources such as private and government aid. Churches and charities provide aid and assistance services to those in need. Government provides welfare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits and other sources of funding. The majority of people have little disagreement with those who are truly in need receiving aid in times of trouble. However, many people believe that this aid should be a footing that will enable those in need to get back on their feet and build a new life, and not a permanent source of income. Providing aid to those in need and the redistribution of wealth virtually have the same end results, but they travel a different path to achieve that end and this is where the problem arises for some. Redistribution seems to have a permanence to it whereas aid does not. Churches and charities do tremendous work aiding the poor. Those on the left who favor redistribution characterize those who are not in favor as being mean-spirited, non-caring people. The surprising thing about that is according to an article written by John Grgurich of the Fiscal Times, conservatives tend to be more charitable with their own money than those on the left. Redistribution is a toxic issue and the debate continues on the best way to help those in need. Those who favor government enforced redistribution, use the “moral, fairness, economic and social stability…

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