Police Use Of Force? Essay

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Police Use of Force Police use of force is an often misunderstood and ambiguous policy. Its purpose is to allow police officers the ability to apprehend and conduct investigations using an appropriate amount of physical and psychological force. Even though some feel that the police should have a wide berth to decide what it considers an appropriate use of force, current policy is ambiguous because there have been many civil law suits and protests claiming inappropriate use of force, public opinion has waned in light of several high visibility incidents, and many people see police as the aggressors.
“Experts say [excessive force] is any force beyond what’s necessary to arrest a suspect and keep police and bystanders safe” (Segan, 2014). Police exist to keep the public safe and to maintain order and discipline. The people should not fear the police, yet in many communities, the people do not feel this way about police. Police organizations have policies that dictate use of force to some extent, but the officers themselves are left to make on the spot decision. These decisions are often split second and do not allow the officer ample time to weigh a decision. This leaves the results of inquiries in the hands of review boards and courts to decide if the officers’ actions are lawful.
On November 12, 1984, a man named Dethorne Graham entered a convenience store to buy a bottle of orange juice (Rehnquist, 1989). Graham, a diabetic, felt that his blood sugar levels were decreasing…

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