Essay on Police Station Of The Once Quiet Town Of Littleton, Colorado

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In a stuffy overcrowded police station of the once quiet town of Littleton, Colorado. A place that was never host to any real commotion until the day of April 20,1999 where two shooters opened fire in the local high school. The press rushing Captain Stephens with questions of how Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold got their firearms. NBC News Reporter, to the captain: Captain Stephens! Captain! Can you tell us how these two young boys got ahold of the firearms used in the shooting? Captain, speaking to the crowd of reporters: We are still investigating close friends and family, so far we have no leads. CNN News Reporter: Do you think you will find out why Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold decided to bring weapons to Columbine High School? Captain: We are not permitted to release that information at this time. Being that this is still an ongoing investigation.
Denver Post Reporter: Captain, when can we receive information on the victims involved?
Captain, to denver reporter: All we can release right now is that there was a total of fifteen deaths and twenty four injuries.
Captain Stephen steps back and Deputy Connors steps forward to the microphone. Deputy Connors: This will be the conclusion of the interview at this time. You all will be notified when there will be another press interview.
Deputy Connors and Captain Stephen walk up the stairs into the police station. All news reporters leave to their vans off stage. As other police officers take down the podium and take of…

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