Essay on Police Profiling And The Police Force

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There are specific values and attitudes that are enforced within the Australian police force that acts as a barrier to achieving justice in the criminal justice system. Police culture over time has incorporated characteristics of secrecy, suspicion and informal work practices which has allowed for abuse of power within the police force. These characteristics have created a united institution that is under constant pressure to perform in uncertain circumstances (police culture). This and the on the job specification which enforces police culture has created circumstances that has led to police corruption and lack of accountability. Police culture being enforced through manager positions allows for young recruits to be heavily by motives of these police officers (report commission). Therefore, officers who are newly trained could provide a prejudice form of achieving justice in the criminal justice system. Furthermore, previous lack of external accountability within the police force allows for the abuse of power within the organisation. This effectively places police officers beyond the law and allows for opportunistic theft and detracts police legitimacy (lecture). This provides an unfair and partial view towards achieving justice in the Australian criminal justice system as officers who are corrupt have the ability to direct and control certain criminal activities or crimes. Therefore, police culture which is implemented through management has the ability to create…

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