Police Officers At The Nation Essay

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Correctional Officers around the nation is face with a lot of reasonability on a daily basis. Correctional Officers are reasonable for all law enforcement duties within the jail and prison system which is county, state and federal. According to the Bureau of labor statistics there are 469,500 correction officers around the nations working rotating shifts which can range from 8 to 10 hour shifts. The Bureaus also states correctional officer position can be dangerous and stressful. Every year many correction officers has encounter a serous confrontation with inmates, the officer is exposed to contagious diseases.
Correction officers suffer with a high level of stress due to the job duties. The officers have a high rate of smoking, heart disease, alcoholism and a high divorce rate. According to a study it has been identified that the high levels of stress that correctional officers experience is due to the lack of predictability (not knowing when an inmate will go crazy), feeling confined on the job and improper training and lack of communication with management. (Freeman 1999)
The subculture of correction officers consists of an anti-ethical to dominant society. The subculture is formed by the realities of the officers. The norms and culture of a correction officer include always go to the aid of your fellow officers in distress, never embarrassed you fellow officer in front inmates, always back fellow officers against inmates and don’t lug drugs.(Pollock 2013:182) Correction…

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