Police Misconduct And The United States Of America Essay example

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Police misconduct in the United States of America is a real and powerful thing. In the year 2010 alone there were 4,861 reported cases of police misconduct. Of these cases, 6,613 police officers were involved in these cases. Most of the cases were because of police using excessive force, 23.8% to be exact. The excessive force reports are prominently featured on the news along with when police kill people in their custody. These type of cases achieve the most for lawsuits and other types of legal action against the officers and or their department. Only out of the reported 4,861 cases, 247 were reported as fatalities. The three biggest forms of misconduct were excessive force comprising 23.8% of cases, sexual misconduct at 9.3% of cases and fraud/theft cases at 7.2%. These obviously add up to 40.3% of all cases, which is a significant chunk of court time and costs that are associated with these allegations. This number of alleged costs is $346,512,800. This equates to a quarter of a billion dollars which is a huge denominator of money in any day and age. The money could be used for other, more better purposes, but squandered on police who do not uphold the law. The race of victim, officer and age are not known, but the areas in which most excessive force happens is Northeastern United States down to Texas, followed by California. The reasons for the various excessive force engagements are not known, but of the 1,575 officers who were accused of excessive force, 897 were…

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