Police Misconduct And The Civil Rights Essay

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Throughout time we have had agents of socially justified force upholding citizen’s constitutional rights. Although it has been seen that the war against crime has created mistrust between the community and law officials due to poor policing procedures. Police misconduct is more prevalent than we think. This occurs when police officers engage in improper actions in relation with their official duties. These actions often result in the miscarriage of justice and discrimination. It is not uncommon to see unconstitutional police searches, stop and frisks, and unreasonable suspect searches; all under the discretion of the police.
Poor policing procedures has caused the Civil Rights Division to open an Investigation into The Ferguson Police Department, it was concluded that the FPD consistently violated civilians’ Fourth Amendment rights by conducting stops without reasonable suspicion and arrests without probable cause. Not only are there been a miscarriage of justice in Ferguson but also other agencies throughout our society, the pervasiveness of unconstitutional police searches, stop and frisks, and unreasonable suspect searches can be seen in the studies conducted by Gould and Mastrofski.
On September 4th 2014, The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice opened an investigation to examine The Ferguson Police Department. According to the Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, Ferguson police officers have violated relatively routine…

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