Essay on Police Enforcement And The Criminal Justice System

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In the early days in England there was no real structure of policing, it was up to the citizen to look after each other and protect one another from criminals. These citizens took this responsibility, which could be called in a sense community policing (Pearson 5). The history of Policing is dated back to 900 A.D in England; the criminal justice system was very small at the time, there were only four officials. The Sheriff was the agent of the king and his job was to maintain law and order in the county (Pearson 4). There was the constable whose job was to collect taxes and took orders from Justice of the Peace to make arrest with warrants. There was also the coroner their job and responsibility was to determine the cause and death of a crime (Pearson 4). Then there was the Justice of the peace (JP) their job was to handle criminal cases, they were the eye of the public (Pearson 4). In 1700’s England realized they needed law enforcement agencies and most of these agencies we actually still have today (Pearson 3). In 1748 Henrey Fielding became chief magistrate in Bow Street, London and he was the best theorist for crime and punishment. Then in 1750 Crime started increasing so the numbers for watchmen and constables increased as well, to try an, stop crime and disorder. At this time Henry, John Fielding and Patrick Colquhoun began experimenting to find solutions on ways to prevent crime, which is known as, the reforming of professionalized police force. (Peak 8-9) In 1754…

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