Police Education And Performance Evaluation Ratings Essay

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However, research indicates that police with high educational level tend to depict resistance to authority or don’t take note of the rule of law. Police with high educational level tend to have problems with the command structure and instructions given compared to police with low levels of education. The research conducted by Sherman and Blumberg regarding the impact of level of education on the use of force by the police in law enforcement in urban cities showed mixed findings on the relationship between use of force and police education (Hein, 2010). The findings from the research indicated that the results found from the research were so inconclusive that paved room for more inquiry on what other factors are behind the police level of education and use of force in law enforcement in urban cities. Nevertheless, the research indicated an inverse relationship between police education and performance evaluation ratings. Additionally, a different research conducted by (Kratcoski & Das, 2007) found out that police level of education was an important determining factor in use of force in law enforcement in urban cities. Higher educated police showed low levels of rigidity, expressed a sound and better discretionary judgement, exhibited positivism to challenges of policing and had a clear understanding of the role of the police. College experience was noted an important aspect of policing, college educated police exhibited minimum use of force compared to the high school diploma…

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