Essay on Police Discretion For The Police Officers

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Police discretion simply means the ability to decide alternative endings. Although it may seem simple, police officers must decide if a need for discretion is needed or not. In law enforcement there is a need for discretion, but it solely depends on time and place. Discretion in the police department can start as soon as an officer leaves the station. Although police officers use of discretion can have benefits to the community. For example, better use of resources, better relationship with the community, and good policy practice. Each decision police officers make can be influenced from their own choice to use discretion. For example, many police officers can use their judgment when citing an individual. The police officer can use their judgment and analyze the situation and decide the best approach in deterring the individual from committing any future infractions. The police officer can chose to cite or give the individual a warning.
All police discretion will not always lead to positive change. “It is the scrutiny of police use of discretion that is the predominant source of allegations of police misconduct in the United States’’ (Examining Police Discretion, 2011, p. 2). Police discretion can create controversy especially if the media or an influential platform believes the police officer was discriminatory or denied due process.
One of the most recent talked about topics regarding police and discretionary use is with the excessive use of deadly physical force. “The…

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