Essay on Police Culture And The Police

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Modern policing is in an internal and external struggle with Police culture and the roles policing plays in order today. Police culture or subculture, ostensibly, have virtuous effects and some severely immoral and unethical effects on the officers; consequently, the effectiveness of policing can be perceived as a diligent working force or a corrupt inept working force. This involves the attitudes of community members towards law enforcement officers; making an anti-police attitude or a more community minded policing structure. Changes have been made on the police roles and society, with the police culture, focusing on Criminal Justice and Social Justice. Reforms have been made to assist law enforcement officials carry out a much broader scope of fighting crime with community policing in hopes of getting citizens trust back in law enforcement officers. This is not a permanent solution for the procedures, however, with the evolving of the people Law enforcement officers policing methods require that procedures and attitudes evolve to be subsequently changed for the adherence of peace keeping and crime prevention. In this paper we will be looking into what police culture is and the communities. The changes in police roles in society, policy changes regarding police roles and subsequent culture changes in policing.
Police culture is considered an isolated form of solidarity among police officers to help one another and always be there to protect the other officers. This…

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