Police Corruption And Misconduct Within The United States Essay

801 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Police corruption and misconduct is something that citizens from all over the world have been dealing with for many years. According to the Schmallenger (2015), the definition of police corruption is “the abuse of police authority for personal or organizational gain”. This is something that has had the general public up in arms about for many years. In recent years, the accusations of corruption and misconduct within the numerous law enforcement agencies in the United States alone has sky rocketed. Due to the amount of accusations of police corruption throughout the last few decades, they created something called a civilian or citizen oversight. “An oversight can be established as a response to problems within a law enforcement agency or to community demand for independent civilian review, or a city of law enforcement agency can proactively develop a model that it believes is appropriate for its jurisdiction”
(Attard, 2010, p. 1549). Upon doing some further research on the Internet, I found out that there are associations available today that do this specific task. The National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) is just one association that works to establish the oversight of the law agencies. I believe that there are positive and negative arguments for such actions of a citizen oversight, to which I will discuss in this paper. A citizen oversight is a great way to combat the issue we know as police corruption. According to Ferdik, (2013),…

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