Police Brutality Vs. Police Lives?

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Mahmoud Elsayed
Professor Ciampi
English 121
Why is it that black lives matter more than police lives?
Have you ever wondered why police officers get so much hate for doing their jobs or for “no reason”? Well for me that question is always on my mind. Every time I see a video on social media about police brutality I wonder why the police officer’s reason for doing what he did is not out there. Now with that in mind explain to me how that is fair or why is it that people hate police officers get so much hate on social media. I’ll tell you why you see even though police officers are only doing their jobs social media makes it seem like they kill and hurt people for no reason specially if the person hurt is African American. You see
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So how is it that police are being hated on and disrespected when all that they do is try and protect the people no matter race, color, religion, or ethnicity. Police officers risk their lives everyday on the job and in return they get no respect, instead they get hated on and nothing more. Crime rates have sky rocketed ever since the whole BLACK LIVES MATTER revolution has started and that’s because the spot light on police officers has gotten much bigger. Now don’t get me wrong I do understand that there are racist cops and a lot of them don’t do their jobs the right way and instead of protecting and serving they kill and harm all who they believe are not “fit” to be American citizens but those are the ones that should be punished, those are the ones that deserve to lose their jobs and be hated on. Its not fair that a few bad cops or even “criminals” on the police force should dictate how people should treat all the other cops that are doing their jobs and are helping the community and making it safer. Just imagine a day without cops the whole world would turn into a purge chaos would run lose, all hell would spread like the plague and all HELL would break lose. Police

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