Essay On Martin Luther King Jr Riot

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This riot lasted from April 18, 2015 till May 3, 2015. In these days the amount of violence was tremendous, with minimum of 250 arrest, around 300 businesses were damaged, and many vehicles were destroyed. This event was mainly just based on police brutality that had accrued on the day of the arrest of Freddie Gray. The six officers involved in the incident, were acknowledge as a homicide, including that of second-degree murder. The state declared to be in state of emergency and had thousands of men from the National Guard patrolling the streets, compared to the riot in Los Angeles. That also had thousands of men from the National Guard patrolling the streets day in and night out. This is when I disagree with the authorities, because Freddie …show more content…
For example, Martin Luther King he represents the African American community. Martin Luther King also fought for civil rights and was successful after many threats from authorities, he didn’t give up on his people. Dr. Martin Luther King fought just like how Cesar Chavez did by non-violent actions. Martin Luther King represented the African American community when it came to the civil right movement, which is what he is best known for. His way of protest were similar to those that Cesar Chavez had used. He would march, boycott, and talk in front of thousands of people. Dr. Martin Luther King was successful in his protest although some of his followers weren’t always peaceful. This would make many of the white folks to think that the African American were just a group of people who were violent, uneducated, and people who didn’t deserve to be treated normal as a normal citizen. In the book “Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space” by Brent Staples were he talks about his situations when he was faced with white people, in one experience he had when he first was away from home he indicated “[He] was to become thoroughly familiar with the language of fear”. One of the biggest problem that Martin Luther King had to face was segregation in the cities around the United States especially those in the south. In Albany, Georgia was were Dr. King struggle tremendously, because of segregation this event was called the Albany Movement. The Albany Movement was a desegregation were white folks didn’t want to treat people of color equally. Many people responded to this event in many violent ways, some people were physically abused and some were killed. The difference here is that the people who were doing the killing were the people who said that the black community were just people that had no education and that they were just violent. This is again another point

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