Police Brutality Discrimination

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Where does it all start? I think it starts in the minds of these officers and their feelings of superiority they have over its citizens but more so its minorities. I learned earlier in the school year from studying Zimbardo’s Control Experiment that uniform is powerful and class and power go hand in hand. In the experiment, subjects were given the role of police guards and other subjects were inmates. The police guards were given their duties to engage in inhumane acts against the inmates. This created unsupervised power, which led to a feeling of superiority of the guards over the inmates, even though all subjects came from the same economic background. So in terms of police brutality, I believe the officers referred to in the last paragraph, …show more content…
This includes, race, class, and even gender. I’ve seen too many instances where young black women have gone through the same horrific treatment that is imposed upon black men. That leaves me to believe that gender does not matter to an officer and all they focus on is the color and creed of the victim. Police brutality has been a problem for many centuries now and we have to take charge as a community to fix the problem. According to, “5 ways to fight Police Brutality” written by Casey Gane-McCalla talks about ways we can help or somewhat end brutality. She states, “We have to protest police stations, city hall and other government venues, we must use our cameras every time police harass us to catch them in the act, and we can use the Internet and the viral media to expose these actions worldwide. Vote out politicians who do not address issues like police brutality. Rappers should be spending a lot less time glamorizing black on black crime and dissing each other, and more time documenting police brutality. African American entertainers and activists have a strong voice in America and they must also use that voice to fight the problems in our community. Also we need to take legal action as well. The best way to hurt police brutality is by hitting them in the pocket. If the police keep on getting sued for brutality they’ll be forced to deal with the issue. Every incident of police brutality should be reported to both the government and the media.” I personally think those ways can help if only we as minorities come together and do so. Police brutality is an issue, because it is getting out of hand, very fast, and I hope a change is soon to

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