Police Brutality And The United States Essay

1625 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
In America law enforcement officers are portrayed as heroes; protecting the citizens of the United States, from unknown danger or harm. However sometimes, law enforcement officers are portrayed as villains. Police officers do not always assure safety among civilians. In some cases they do the complete opposite by, victimizing, violating, harming and killing people. Author Sheila Fitzgerald argues that “Police brutality and misconduct are merely the major contemporary forms of state-sponsored racist violence”. (Fitzgerald 55).Police brutality is a form of racist violence, and African Americans have been victims of police brutality for many years and still are. The police officers in the United States are abusing their power by racial profiling and unwarranted brutality towards African-Americans.
To begin with, all races are victims of racial profiling; however, African-American are the primary victims of racial profiling. Racial profiling is a practice that is used by law enforcement officers to target individuals for suspicion of crime based on race. The term “Driving While Black” has been used to describe the practice of police officers stopping African Americans for no probable cause. Racial profiling is a pre-deposition held by law enforcement that makes them believe that African Americans are engaged in criminal activities; consequently, they are stopped when standing, walking, driving, shopping, and violated without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. The president…

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